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Bible Tools


James Strong wrote an index of every word in the King James Version of the bible in 1890. This index allows a person to find all the places a particular word is used. This can be an advantage to help understand word usage. There is a Strong's lexicon (dictionary) for both Greek and Hebrew words using the Strong's numbering system. Many other resources also make use the Strong's numbers. Some of the other translations also have concordances compiled for them.

Dictionary - Lexicon

There are various dictionaries like Vine's and Thayer's that help understand the meaning of some of the Greek and Hebrew words that can add depth to understanding a particular passage or verse.

Cross Reference

Many bible have a center column that offers references to other bible passages that have bearing on a particular verse. The Treasury of Scripture Knowledge (first published in 1830) is is a separate reference book and contains many more references that is found in a typical "study" bible.


Computer software can provide multiple tools that can aid in drawing out of the bible deeper and broader meaning.   (free)   (expensive, minimal free version)


One can find a commentary on a particular book of the bible or a series of commentaries that cover several books or even the entire bible. One problem with a commentary is that the writer often has a particular perspective that dominates his exploration of a passage such that other views are not considered. A more helpful type of commentary is one where the author gives several views for a particular verse.